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Debonair Scent Review - iReview Stuff - Mens Cologne Subscription

Debonair Scent Review

When I first Googled “cologne subscriptions”, I saw three companies running Adwords ads, Scent Box, Scent Bird & Debonair Scent. The first two are well-known companies in the monthly cologne/perfume subscription sphere. But I was unfamiliar with Debonair Scent. They were certainly investing heavily in their search engine marketing, with an average CPC (cost per…


Luxury Scent Box Review

Luxury Scent Box is one of the more recent perfume subscription services, founded in 2016 in Santa Ana, California. But for the purposes of this review, I’ll be talking about their cologne subscription box. While I haven’t confirmed this with Luxury Scent Box (they did not respond for comment) – their operation is undoubtedly small….