Welcome to iReview Stuff! This is a site best suited for people that enjoy the written word,  are eager to learn new things and enjoy quick wit and dry humor.

As this is intended to be a cathartic hobby for me, I will strive to keep my professional life and qualifications separate from my personal hobby. However, there will be tangible cross overs you’ll uncover in some content. These are little tidbits of information that may pertain to ‘how the web works’, not the technological aspect of it but the practical application of it in today’s world or

why you should never ask an employee at Lowes or Home Depot to “check in the back”

You see, the past twelve years I’ve worked as a full-stack digital marketer. Prior to that, I worked in retail management across multiple sectors.

The culmination of which has yielded esoteric insights into a world that most consumers have no idea of and as such are taken advantage by

So you’ll often see this industry knowledge or “product knowledge” incorporated into a review where it’s relevant.

For example, ‘why weave pattern is more important than thread count for your sheets’ in my review about Wamsutta®Dream Zone® Percale 500 Thread Sheet Set or explaining ‘why you may want to wait a few weeks on installing that latest firmware update’ in my review of the Sony Bravia 4k TV.

While this is a hobby for me – I’ve already invested quite a bit of money on this website. In an effort to break even, you’ll occasionally see an ad here or there. If you feel charitable, go ahead and click on them 😉 Most advertisers pay for clicks, also known as PPC ads. Your click just put a few cents in my account.

I also participate in some affiliate networks. However, there is a MAJOR difference between iReview Stuff and other review sites – I don’t look for affiliate products first. Most websites that offer reviews, do so because they are incentivized to do so. It’s a HUGE part of their business model. Looking at you, CNET.

So they write a review or more likely a piece titled “10 gadgets you need for 2019”

You browse the list, read little blurbs that are essentially recycled marketing jargon straight from the manufacturer. And you may be “sold” on a product – you’ll click on the button or text or image and land on a new page (read: website) where you can purchase that product. The magic is happening with tracking codes in the URL, all done seamlessly and out of the conscious sight of the end user (read: you).

So it’s quite easy to see the issue here, it doesn’t benefit the review site to give a negative review about a product they earn a commission of. Therefore there is ZERO credibility to their review.

iReview Stuff writes the reviews first and then looks for an affiliate network for that product

If there isn’t an affiliate link for that product, no problem – if there is, great. But the content is already written and it doesn’t change whether there is an affiliate link or not.

I write about products I’m passionate about, that are made by companies that aren’t completely controlled by corporate greed. And I’ll write about products that are absolutely horrible. Though likely not too many products that are middle of the road, who has time for 3 stars?!

I write it publicly because I believe it can be useful to others, but this is not a completely altruistic venture, nor is it completely selfish.

The goal is that you and I both get something out of it – mutually beneficial – what a world!

So to that effect, if you read something you like, something that made you laugh, something that made you think or you found a really cool gift idea – feel free to send me a tip using that PayPal button.

No money for a tip, no worries! Leave a comment & share with your social network. That helps keep the lights on too!

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