Welcome to iReview Stuff! As you should have gathered by now, it’s a website dedicated to reviewing stuff. That “stuff” is a wide range of products and services, food, movies, dog food or even dogs themselves! Services for Seniors and products for teens. Beauty products (no makeup I’m afraid) and products for men & women. Luxury products along with Jiffy Mix & the newest flavor of ramen noodles – nothing is off limits!

I created this website for a few reasons, primarily, I love to write and I love to buy stuff (yay consumerism) To that effect, I’m an Elite Yelper, a Google Local Guide and an Amazon Vine member. Safe to say, I’m pretty good at reviewing things. The best compliment I have received about my prose is it’s like “Oscar Wilde wrote [a review]”. Hopefully I’ll be able to avoid that nasty bit about prison and dying in exile.

I try to be objective, or at least, be transparent with subjective statements or previous biases. I also strive to be pragmatic in my reviews but by no means are my reviews absolute control studies. However, they are, more often than not, empirical in their results and conclusions.

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