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Debonair Scent Review

When I first Googled “cologne subscriptions”, I saw three companies running Adwords ads, Scent Box, Scent Bird & Debonair Scent. The first two are well-known companies in the monthly cologne/perfume subscription sphere. But I was unfamiliar with Debonair Scent. They were certainly investing heavily in their search engine marketing, with an average CPC (cost per…

CREE LED Floodlight Review - iReview Stuff - Bulb Changing Kit Review

CREE LED Floodlight Review

In no particular order, this review features:  types of lighting, backup generators, remembering CFLs, the cost of LED transfer, retail merchandising, CREE LEDs, my greatest fears, light bulb changing poles and finally answer the question of “how many people does it take to change a light bulb”. It wasn’t concern about my carbon footprint or…

Phone Soap Review | UV Phone Cleaner | iReview Stuff

Phonesoap 3 Review

You can usually spot a seasoned on-site computer technician by their kit. Amongst the plethora of cables and handheld form factors – the keen eye may observe a clip-on bottle of hand sanitizer. One thing you learn quickly when servicing peoples devices is Humans Are Filthy Germ Bags And it’s no wonder given how frequently…

Minimalist Designs | Etsy | Signet Ring Review

Minimalist Designs Review

I’ve long held a divisive opinion of men’s jewelry. Through various points in my life, I’ve embraced bracelets and necklaces, of precious metals, beads, shells, and leather. I recall even a thumb ring making a brief appearance. However, most of the time, more modern sensibilities won the day and a simple, yet elegant wristwatch was…



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Luxury Scent Box Review

Luxury Scent Box is one of the more recent perfume subscription services, founded in 2016 in Santa Ana, California. But for the purposes of this review, I’ll be talking about their cologne subscription box. While I haven’t confirmed this with Luxury Scent Box (they did not respond for comment) – their operation is undoubtedly small….